About Us

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'"
John 7:38 (NASB)

The River Goal


We as a church believe that we were called to do life together, Collectively in the love of God.So our goal is to reach out and collect, doesn’t matter what race or face you are welcome, you are family.


Like the scripture mentions, we believe that Jesus came to restore our relationship with God so that we can experience life more abundantly. We strive to not only connect with you but to connect you to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life.


We are dedicated to not only help you grow but to help you be healthy. We believe growth is a reflection of your health and so our church on a whole strives to provide a place where through worship, word and fellowship you can cultivate yourself into what God intends for you.


Influenced People Influence! We are not called to just be believers but to also be disciples and to then make Disciples of Christ. We want to be a church where individuals are inspired to step out and lead and make an influence in church and in the community.

Our Pastors

Boban & Som are the Lead Pastors of River City Life Church, a Church part of the Life Church International movement. Together with their son Thomas, they took a step of faith to move up to Brisbane from Sydney to plant this church! Their Vision and Passion is to preach and teach the life-giving message of Christ and to see a multicultural and multigenerational church emerge with an experience of the river of life.

Our Ministries

We believe in community and growth through community. We have various ministries that you and your families could engage in. Influence or be influenced by joining one of our ministries!

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Our Beliefs

As a church we believe and are passionate about certain things. So here is a section for you to read about what we as a church believe and stand for!

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What should I expect?


We engage collectively in a time of worship expressed through music and songs. As a church we take great pride in worship and create a space in all our services for everyone to have a meaningful encounter with God!


We believe not only in growth but also in health. In all of our services we engage in an inspiring message from the word of God. If you have a Bible or you use a Bible App please bring it, along with a notebook so you can take notes.


We love our community and encourage fellowship every time we meet. Make sure if you are at any of our services to stay back and enjoy a cup of coffee or even a meal with our community!